A Debate on the NDP

Transforming the NDP requires an Independent Approach

After the excitement around the Sanders and Corbyn campaigns, the reasons to be excited about the renewed possibilities within the NDP are evident. It’s clear that whatever their shortcomings, left electoral campaigns can energize new activists, open the political imaginations of millions, and shift the spectrum of acceptable opinions to the left in a short period of time.


The Impossible Dream

With the removal of Thomas Mulcair and a leadership race soon to come, there is renewed energy around Canada’s New Democratic Party…


Decolonizing Canada

Canada is a colonial-settler state. This society was built by Europeans and their descendents on land taken from the indigenous peoples of Northern North America…


Election reflection: Three questions for activists

The editors of New Socialists asked three activists Hassan Husseini, Niloofar Golkar, and Russell Diabo to explain what the election of a Liberal majority means for their areas of social justice work. We’re afraid to hear that they are deeply sceptical that…