Our Common Project

The common project of the NSG at this time is to create socialist spaces and resources for vibrant, open and challenging discussion, dialogue and debate. These include publications (print and online), forums, discussion groups and other educational activities.

We will develop analysis of what is happening in the Canadian state and internationally. We will propose strategies for the struggles of today and tomorrow. We will offer vision of better ways of mobilizing for change and of the revolutionary transformation of society.

We will learn and make available to other people the theoretical tools and understanding of history that make possible insightful analysis, effective strategy and inspiring vision.

The objective of these activities is to build support for the kind of politics we advocate among people who want to change the world. We do this to help lay the foundations for future mobilizations and the next new Left.

We will work on this common project not as passive commentators but as socialist activists in today’s organizing efforts and struggles.


Adopted by the New Socialist Group in Sept. 2007.