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Military Coups are Good for Canadian Business: The Canada-Honduras Free Trade Agreement

By Todd Gordon

Last week Canadian negotiators met with their Honduran counterparts in Tegucigalpa to discuss a free trade agreement (FTA). Negotiators from the two countries last met in Ottawa in December. According to the Honduran press, an agreement is close to being completed. This marks an alarming development in the efforts of the Canadian state and multinational corporations to deepen their relations with Honduras following the military coup of June 28, 2009.

Honduras: The Oligarchs Have Lit a Fuse

By Elena Zeledon

This Wednesday, tens of thousands of Hondurans jammed the central plaza of the impoverished Central American capital,Tegucigalpa, in protest against the latest political manoeuvres of the oligarchy - the 13 families which control Honduras. Answering the call by LIBRE, the Party of Liberty and (National) Refoundation, the activists of the social movements which LIBRE represents came from all parts of Honduras to protest the attempt to change the Electoral Law just hours before the opening of the next Presidential election campaign.

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