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Queering Anti-Capitalist Organizing

By Alan Sears

These are challenging times for the anti-capitalist left. Despite the enormous attacks being waged in the name of austerity, there is little in the way of sustained resistance in the streets, workplaces, neighbourhoods or schools. The Left's limited resources are being strained to the limits in struggles to organize against the tide.

Community Victory for Alvaro: Celebrate but Prepare for More Fights

By Jackie Esmonde and Nadia Saad

It is rare in these times that we can celebrate a victory such as Alvaro Orozco's return home to his Toronto community on June 1, after several weeks in immigration detention.

Queering Socialism: An Interview with Alan Sears

We are republishing an interview with Alan Sears, who frequently writes for New Socialist Webzine, by Andrew Sernatinger and Tessa Echeverria, who are socialists in Madison, Wisconsin. The text first appeared on the New Politics site and the interview was originally broadcast on their Black Sheep Podcast -- NSW

30 Years On: The Toronto Bathhouse Raids and Sexual and Gender Liberation

By Alan Sears

On February 5, 1981 150 Toronto cops busted into four gay bathhouses and arrested 306 people on charges of being found-ins or keepers of common bawdyhouses. These arrests were deliberately conducted so as to humiliate and terrify the men who were charged. Doors were kicked in and men were dragged out naked, verbally abused and beaten up.

Beyond the Double Standard: Towards a Real Liberation Politics

By Cinzia Arruzza

A few months ago on the New York subway I saw the most incredible poster, a picture of a crying baby of colour with the words, "Got a good job? I cost thousands of dollars each year". While I was still recovering from the shock, I saw a similar poster of a little Black girl: "Honestly Mom… chances are he won't stay with you. What happens to me?"

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