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Costa Rica Shuffles to the Left

By Elena Zeledon

The results of the second round of the presidential elections, won by Luis Guillermo Solis of the Citizens Action Party (PAC) with an astounding 77% of the popular vote compared to the 22% garnered by the pre-election favourite Johnny Araya of the National Liberation Party (PLN), represent the end of an entire historical period for this small but strategically important Central American nation.

Costa Rican Election Results Hide Complex Reality

By Elena Zeledon

Costa Ricans have the highest standard of living in Central America including universal free education and health care and a social safety net of workers' unemployment  benefits and pensions that is the the envy of Central  America. However, these hard-won gains are threatened by the capitalist crisis, the implementation of  the Central American  Free Trade  Agreement and other pro- capitalist policies of the governing  social democratic  National Liberation Party. The NLP won  reelection in  February with Laura Chinchilla succeeding Oscar Arias as President.  What does this mean?  Will intensified attacks spark social struggles? Elena Zeledon reports from Costa Rica

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