Free Ahmad Qatamesh! Prominent Palestinia​n writer arrested by Israel

A message from Omar Barghouti, PACBI…

Dear all,

Please find attached information about Israel’s ruthless arrest of Dr. Ahmad Qatamesh, a prominent and highly respected Palestinian writer, academic and human rights advocate.

A large Israeli force arrested him in the early hours of Thursday, April 21, after taking his wife, Suha Barghouti, and their 22-year-old daughter hostage (along with two other female relatives).

The Israeli occupation authorities are holding him in Ofer detention center, without charge. They told him they will issue an “administrative detention” order against him, clearly indicating that they have arrested him for his writings and political views. Human rights organizations have squarely condemned administrative detention as an affront to justice, as the detainee is not formally charged and is not given a chance to defend him/herself or even access to the charges list.

Please distribute this to your human rights and activists networks, urging everyone to do their best to pressure Israel to release him and all other Palestinian prisoners of conscience.

Kind regards,