G-8/G-20: Protests and Repression (updated again)

For independent media coverage including reports on the demonstrations and police repression, including the June 27th police attack on an entirely peaceful low-key solidarity rally outside the temporary detention centre in east Toronto where hundreds of people are being held (see a first-person report here) check out the G-20 Alt Media Centre.

David McNally was interviewed on CBC Newsworld about the Black Bloc (June 27th) — see here.

The Toronto Community Mobilization Network has been the key coordinating body for anti-G8/20 protests.

Democracy Now‘s program on June 25th was devoted to the G-8/20 and related issues.

Videos from the June 20th workshop “An Anti-Capitalist Approach to Understanding and Resisting the G-20 Agenda” at the People’s Summit are online here.

A joint statement from No One Is Illegal groups in 5 cities across the Canadian state is online at the Toronto Media Coop website.