Hockey Fans For Peace

Millions of Canadians enjoy hockey – and we also oppose the war in Afghanistan. A new Facebook group, “Hockey Fans For Peace”, urges the NHL and the mass media to recognize this reality, by ending the practice of using hockey games and broadcasts to promote the view that full support for the war is the only acceptable position for any genuine hockey fan. Failing this, we call upon the NHL and the mass media to provide equal access to hockey fans who oppose the war and want to bring the troops home immediately. We also encourage other sports to refrain from promoting support for the war in Afghanistan. Within a few days, Hockey Fans For Peace will have “Cherry” pink t-shirts on sale, featuring our logo (crossed hockey sticks with a “peace sign” puck). We invite you to join our Facebook group, to ask others to join, and to help spread the word: hockey, not war!!/home.php?sk=group_181250731886894&ap=1