Recommended Readings

We Highly Recommend

For an introduction to our understanding of socialist politics, read Alan Sears's article Notes Towards a Socialism for the Times

That article first appeared in Socialism for Our Times (NS 63 2008-1) (issue 63 of New Socialist, from 2008), a collection of articles on different aspects of our kind of socialist politics. It's free to download.


A Few Books We Highly Recommend

Another World is Possible: Globalization and Anti-Capitalism (2nd edition)

Global Slump: The Economics and Politics of Crisis and Resistance

Canadian Labour in Crisis: Reinventing the Workers' Movement

Imperialist Canada

Taking Responsibility, Taking Direction: White Anti-Racism in Canada

Cops, Crime and Capitalism: The Law and Order Agenda in Canada

Retooling the Mind Factory: Education in a Lean State



The Deficit: THEIR Problem, Not Ours

Letter to a New Anti-Capitalist

Letter to an Anarchist Activist

A Letter About Trotskyism

Should Radicals Care About Unions?

The Politics of Free Speech

Socialist Ideas in Action (a collection of articles, mostly published in earlier issues of New Socialist)

J Sakai's Settlers and Anti-Racist Working-Class Politics

Thoughts on Socialist Strategy for the Student Movement

Socialism from Below (part I)

Socialism from Below (part II)

Marxism, Nationalism and National Struggles Today