New Socialist Webzine welcomes all submissions that are in line with our guidelines provided below. Please send all submissions and inquiries to the following email address: website[at] Please include "submission" in the subject line.

About Our Publication

This is a difficult time for people in Canada who recognize that self-organized struggles of workers and oppressed people are vital for resisting the attacks we face -- and for changing society for the better. The level of struggle overall is low and the experience of defeat is common, so hope for the possibility of radical change is harder to maintain.

We at New Socialist Webzine want our online publication to be useful to people who share our belief about the crucial importance of such struggles from below, regardless of what political terms they use to describe themselves.

We are not a news site. We think people involved in today's struggles -- and the many more who we hope will become involved -- need more analysis and debate in these difficult times. To this end, we seek to publish original articles, reviews, interviews, and blog posts that

  • tackle big political questions that are thrown up by organizing, campaigns and struggles
  • look at questions posed by the attacks we face
  • analyze today's struggles in order to strengthen future struggles
  • examine what's going on in the world, to help make sense of developments

The editors and the small socialist network to which we belong don't think we have all the answers. Nor can we possibly write more than a fraction of what needs to be written. At its best, New Socialist, which we published in print from 1996 to 2009, ran contributions from and was read by a range of people who shared a commitment to struggle from below and the belief that a new left is needed. We want to make our webzine that kind of publication. We invite constructive comments on the articles we publish.

What's in an Article?

The New Socialist website includes both a webzine and a blog feature.

Webzine articles are normally original pieces of political analysis or argument that have not been published elsewhere.

Blog posts can be links to news, analysis and argument published elsewhere, as well as brief thoughts, news and more time-sensitive writing.


If the editors would like to publish your submission, one of us or one of our editorial associates will be assigned to edit it. That person ensures that the article conforms to New Socialist Webzine standards and style. At least some edits are usually suggested.  If any substantive edits have been made to the version submitted, the edited article is sent back to the author for review and approval.

Standards, Style and Format

New Socialist Webzine is a political publication, not an academic one.  We want most articles to be accessible to left-wing readers who aren't already anti-capitalist or very knowledgeable about the subject of the article.

Some important points to bear in mind before submitting an article:

  • Sentences are short and clear. Dashes and parenthesis are kept to a minimum.
  • Paragraphs are short to help guide the reader through the logic of the article.
  • Subtitles/breakers are included within the text of the article.
  • Political concepts are explained rather than just presented.
  • Acronyms spelled out fully first time used, and acronym put in brackets.
  • No jargon. Clear wording.

Links within an article are fine, but please paste each URL into the text at the appropriate place rather than embedding links in the document.

We prefer not to include endnotes, but a few are acceptable. Please mark endnotes in square brackets (like this: [1]) instead of using the endnote function of a word processor.

Please include a short author identification line at the end of the article. We ask that people with academic affiliations identify themselves in political terms instead (for example: Anna Zebedee is active in fighting cutbacks at Simon Fraser University, not Anna Zebedee is an MA student in Sociology at Simon Fraser University).

We ask that writers also consult the style guide sheet attached below before submitting an article.

Download this file (NS Webzine Style Guide.doc)NS Webzine Style Guide.doc[ ]14 Kb