The New Socialist Group (NSG) is a network of socialists active in community, labour and campus organizing. We promote the politics of socialism from below.

Capitalism is doing incredible harm to people all over the world. It has caused a global human and ecological crisis.

Creating a genuinely democratic, free, ecologically-sustainable society without poverty and war requires the abolition of capitalism. We believe such an alternative—socialism—is possible.

Only the mass struggles of workers can abolish capitalism and begin creating socialism. No government, radical elite or party can deliver liberation from above – it must be won by workers and oppressed people themselves, from below. For this reason the NSG rejects versions of socialism and ways of organizing that are undemocratic and authoritarian.

Building Our Power

Winning reforms within the capitalist system can help improve people’s lives and strengthen our side. But capitalism cannot be abolished or tamed by reforms. To develop both the power to challenge capitalism itself and the understanding that capitalism must be replaced, we need militant and democratic movements fighting to defend past gains and win new ones.

Socialist Renewal

Socialist politics must be renewed for the 21st century. We can learn much from the past, but solutions to many of the challenges facing people who want to change the world today will not be found in any of the radical traditions of the past.

The NSG is a network of affiliated local groups and individual supporters united around common principles. Within this framework, we encourage a diverse range of views within our network, recognizing that diversity can enrich socialist politics. Our members come from different movements and traditions.

Liberation Politics

We are internationalists who oppose the imperialist domination of the world by a few rich countries, including Canada. The NSG supports movements for national self-determination within Canada and internationally. We support the right of Quebec to independence and indigenous demands for sovereignty.

We are committed to anti-oppression politics. We believe the struggle for socialism cannot be separate from struggles against racism, sexism, heterosexism and other forms of sexual oppression, and the oppression of people with disabilities. This means supporting the liberation movements of all oppressed people and linking the struggles against different kinds of oppression. It also means being aware of our own actions and constantly striving to challenge oppression in the organizing we do. We work in solidarity with people who are organizing independently, fighting for dignity, power and self-determination.

Our Activism

Capitalism and systems of oppression gain much of their power by isolating us from others facing similar issues. In order to make positive change we believe we must work collectively to build organizations on militant and radically democratic terms. We also feel radicals are better able to assess prospects for change when they are involved in struggles.

NSG supporters are involved in different kinds of activism. We try to develop grassroots democracy within movements and develop solidarity between them.

Getting Involved

Affiliating with the NSG does not mean giving up one’s individual identity and ideas. In fact, the history of socialism from below has always been about the freedom of individuals. Ending war, environmental destruction, the drudgery of work, racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression only matter because human happiness matters. Our network offers important resources to help you learn and work with other experienced activists. We encourage supporters to help shape and remake the future of our network as part of the practice of transforming society.

If you like what you’ve read we encourage you to get in touch and find out more. We encourage you to join a local group affiliated to the NSG or become an individual supporter of the NSG. Together we can strengthen the movement for socialism from below.


There is more than one way you can affiliate with the NSG:

Become an individual supporter

We welcome anyone who meets the following criteria to request becoming an individual supporter of the NSG:

1. Agreement with our politics as summarized here

2. Commitment to support the network’s activities practically and financially

3. Acceptance of the NSG Constitution.

To ask to become an NSG supporter, contact our Secretary by emailing nsg [at]

Join an affiliated group

If there is a group affiliated to the NSG in your area, we encourage you to join it.
Affiliated groups determine their own membership conditions. Groups affiliated to the NSG are listed here

Affiliate as a group to the NSG

We welcome any group that accepts our political basis of unity, commits to supporting our activities practically and financially, and accepts our constitution to request affiliation with the NSG.

If your group would like to affiliate with the NSG, contact our Secretary by emailing nsg [at]