A Note to Our Readers

Over the past year, NS Webzine has established a small but significant presence on the left, publishing a number of articles that have been widely read and reprinted by other much larger publications. We’re now planning a great lineup of original articles and reviews for the coming weeks, on topics including the Occupy Toronto experience; Bill C-10 and indigenous peoples; Ford and the fight against cuts in Toronto; and cars and capitalism. We’d like to create a space for political analysis that can be a support for radical movements – now, in the wake of the Occupy movement, the time is ripe to expand our readership.

For our fans participating in actions like Stop the Cuts, No More Silence, and union solidarity events, don’t forget to print copies of our flyer for distribution! It’s online here

And, we always welcome ideas for articles – we hope that our range of writers will expand in 2012….. Contact the New Socialist Webzine editors at website[at]newsocialist.org with your questions, comments and suggestions.

The editors