Coup Attempt in Ecuador (Updated)

Jennifer Moore’s article “Report from Ecuador: Democracy Under Threat” reports on the events.

A statement from the indigenous organization CONAIE is online here. It argues that “The best way to defend democracy is to begin a true revolution that resolves the most urgent and structural questions to the benefit of the majority.”

Below is a communique from an Ecuadoran feminist organizations in response to the Sept. 30 coup attempt.

People who understand Spanish should check out Telesur.

Communiqué of the Assembly of  Popular and Diverse Women of Ecuador – Casa Feminista de Rosa
No to the Coup d’Etat!

The women grouped together in the Assembly of Popular and Diverse Women of Ecuador reject all attempts of a coup d’etat wherever they come from. After Latin America passed through decades of cruel dictatorships that meant disappearances, torture, and  assassinations for entire generations – that left behind peoples silenced and without rights – and that facilitated the advance of neoliberalism throughout the continent, we cannot allow the return of coups and dictatorships. Never again in Honduras, in Latin America! No to the attempts of a coup in Ecuador! No to CIA interference in our countries! We are not going to allow them to carry out coups that run against popular mandates and that install regimes of terror, persecution, and intimidation. The Constitution of Montecristi of 2008 is the expression of many of our struggles, proposals and dreams and we demand that that the constitutional mandate be fulfilled, democracy be respected and our rights guaranteed!

We call for political solidarity and coherence among all the people, all social sectors, movements and organizations.

Asamblea de Mujeres Populares y Diversas del Ecuador

Casa Feminista de Rosa


Translation by Jeff Webber.



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