Crisis and Resistance in Greece (Updated)

If you’re interested in understanding the situation in Greece, this broadcast of a May 5th debate in London is worth listening to, especially for the contributions of Costas Lapavitsas and Stathis Kouvelakis (sound quality isn’t great).

Lee Sustar’s May 11th article looks at the bailout package for Greece and how it’s all about helping banks and attacking workers.

For in-depth background, check out the report on the Eurozone crisis by the Research on Money and Finance group (to which Lapavitsas belongs).

After the Greek Riots is a website that carries updates and articles about Greece.  It carries, among other things, a statement from a worker at the bank branch where three workers died after the branch was set on fire during the May 5th protests.  The bank worker says “My co-workers lost their lives today by malice: the malice of Marfin Bank and Mr. Vgenopoulos personally who explicitly stated that whoever didin’t come to work today [May 5th, a day of a general strike!] should not bother showing up for work tomorrow [as they would get fired].” There is also an interesting May 7th article that asks what the deaths mean for the anarchist movement in Greece.

The bank workers’ union OTOE called a strike for May 6th.  According to the report of the OTOE’s statement in The Independent, “”OTOE categorically condemns those who carry out such acts of violence,” the union said. “But this tragic event that took the lives of three of our colleagues… is the sad consequence of the anti-popular measures which stirred up public rage and the protests of hundreds of thousands of people.””

For a report from Greece on the May 5th general strike, check out this.

“The Myth of the Lazy Greek Workers” is an article that punctures blaming-the-victim lies peddled in the corporate media.

This post will be updated, so check back for more.

Last updated May 11th.