Some of Our Best of 2011

Home Front:

“Fighting Mayor Ford’s Austerity Regime” (part one & part two) by Alan Sears 

“Reflections on the NDP at 50” by Murray Cooke

“What the So-Called Anti-Human Smuggling Bill is Really About” by members of No One Is Illegal-Toronto

“Opposing Fortress North America: Tar Sands Development and Indigenous Resistance” by Dave Vasey

“One Year After the G-20 Protests: Forms of Protest Reflect our Power” by Clarice Kuhling


“Follow the Money: Behind the European Debt Crisis Lie More Bank Bailouts” by David McNally

“What Happened in Wisconsin?” by Tessa Echeverria and Andrew Sernatinger


“Letter to a New Anti-Capitalist” by David Camfield

Book Review:

“A Diagnosis of the Current Situation” (review of Chris Hedges, Death of the Liberal Class) by Sam Farber