Toronto Police Brutality

The accounts of brutal police treatment now coming out include male cops strip-searching women prisoners (yet more evidence that the police force is a viciously sexist state institution):

Accusations of strip-search on women by male police officers

Three people in their 20s have just held a news conference to talk about police treatment during the summit.

Amy Miller, Jesse Rosenfeld and Adam MacIsaac describe themselves as independent media and allege police refused to accept their ID. They didn’t have G20 media accreditation, but say they did have ID.

Miller, who lives in Montreal, charges male police officers gave women a full strip search and many returned to their cells at the Eastern Ave. detention centre traumatized and crying.

MacIsaac says he was repeatedly kicked in the ribs and stunned with a stun gun. He showed the marks on his body. He says police ignored him when he told them that he has a pacemaker. The incident happpened at Bloor and St. Thomas, he says.

MacIsaac is from Prince Edward Island.

Rosenfeld, who lives in the Middle East, says he was reporting for the British newspaper The Guardian, which has described him as a contributor to their open Comment is free website. Miller says he had $6,000 in camera equipment stolen and was told to “file a complaint” to get it back.

All three, who were held for many hours in the detention centre before being released today, say they haven’t filed complaints yet, but are considering it.