What Next for the Struggle to Break the Siege of Gaza?

Read Rafeef Ziadah’s article “What Next? The Freedom Flotilla and the Struggle to Break the Siege of Gaza.” If you’re interested in an antidote to the CBC’s (and many other media outlets) uncritical reporting of Israeli government absurdities about the siege, read today’s piece by British socialist blogger Richard Seymour.  As he puts it, “The blockade is a premeditated act of savagery and sadism, and Israel does not intend to allow international aid to disrupt its calculated cruelty. Israel insists on its ‘right’ to hijack vessels in international waters that might actually disrupt this barbarism-by-design. Now it insists that if activists resist such hijack efforts, even with the most elementary, non-lethal weapons, as is their right, it can murder them with impunity.” With the autopsy results now in, it’s clear that many of the 9 people killed on the Mavi Marmara were murdered at close range.